New Balance – Fresh Foam 1080v7

New Balance approached us with the sort of ask that all of us here at loopmedia love getting – a request for creative marketing content that’s cool, creative, original and own-able. In a nutshell, New Balance wanted us to put a creative jump in their step. And so that’s what we did, quite literally.

This vivid and kinetic spot re-imagines the experience of running with a hyper-intense focus on the shoe itself – in this case, the new Fresh Foam 1080v7. What would it be like if the runner just simply vanished, leaving only the reality of the shoe behind? Well, that’s precisely what our creative team delivered: a motion diagram of running with everything but the shoe stripped away. In short, it’s an unforgettable portrait of athletic minimalism.

One of the inspirations for this piece was, fittingly enough, the New Balance team of marathon runners. When we think of a marathon, we’re often fixated on the triumphant moment of crossing the finish line. But our goal for this video was to celebrate the long months and even years of hard training that makes victory possible – the idea that every stride is a mini-victory in its own right.

The full process of turning this concept into an unforgettable video involved an artfully layered combination of a 3D camera perspective that incorporated stop-motion, CG and hand drawn animation. And when the running cycle slows, the hand drawn typography and illustrations powerfully spotlight four key features of the Fresh Foam 1080v7. Combined with a more textured background, all illustrated by hand, this inventive and joyful video unequivocally delivered to New Balance the creative jolt it was looking for.


New Balance Wins Platinum at the Pixie Awards

Ending 2017 with a bang with a Platinum Pixie Award win for New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7

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